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For all your pet needs, we have what you need or get it in!



We always have point-of-lay pullets in stock that we source from a quality supplier and are of the highest standard, they are vaccinated and disease free and we constantly try to have a few different types of chooks, ranging from your everyday run-of-the-mill egg producing point-of-lay girls to 'day-old' chickens (during the warmer summer nights) as well as 'specialty chooks' such as:


Rhode Island Red




Plymouth Rock

Gold laced Wyandotte just to name a few.

Ducks & Geese

We also have a supply of ducklings available like:

Muscovy & Khaki Campbell as well as other varieties from time to time

Please note that the pure breed chicks are seasonal and are unavailable throughout the colder months, also, day-olds do not handle the colder months very well and we strongly recommend you wait to get day-olds once the weather warms up!

Geese are available only during October/November/December and sometimes we are unable to source them at all, so if you would like some, please leave your details with us and if/when we get them in, we can easily contact you

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