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For all your pet needs, we have what you need or get it in!

Equine Supplies

We stock a large range of popular horse feed and supplements.

Some of the main lines we carry are Mitavite, Hygain, Prydes and Barastoc as well as quality Lucerne Chaff, Mixed Chaff, Oaten Chaff along with bales of Lucerne and Grassy Lucerne when available. We always have plenty of Copra, Millrun/Pollard/Bran and Pony Pellets.

We also have a good supply of wood shavings, rice hulls* and barley straw* as options for bedding.

(* when available)

Remember if we don't have it let us know and we will gladly get it in for you as there are so many horse products on the market, we are customer driven and are happy to get the products you want into stock.

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